Twilight of the Gods


A Comedic Thriller
By Wes Driver and Greg Greene|Directed by Justin Asher
Show Dates: October 26 – November 11, 2012
Show Times: 7:30 pm Thurs, 8 pm Fri/Sat, 2:30 pm Sun
Ticket Prices: $21 Adults, $15 Seniors/Students, $10 Kids 12 & Under
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Box Office 901.937.3023

*Regional Premiere

Generously Sponsored by McVean Trading and Investments LLC


Just in time for Halloween comes the comedic thriller TWILIGHT OF THE GODS at Germantown Community Theatre running October 26 – November 11, 2012. This original work, sponsored by McVEAN TRADING & INVESTMENTS LLC was created by Greg Greene and Wes Driver of Blackbird Theatre in Nashville, TN. GCT is only the second theatre in the country to produce this original work. See some of the Memphis theatre community’s favorites play a variety of historical figures from Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain to Annie Oakley and Jack the Ripper.

A shy, young woman arrives at a country manor, answering a strange invitation that claims to know something about her past. Stranger still, she’s greeted by a man who looks, acts, and even quips like Mark Twain. It’s explained that he is, in fact, the reincarnation of the famed author, and is soon joined by other historical figures, such as H.G. Wells, Florence Nightingale, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Edgar Allan Poe. Before the woman can escape the bizarre scenario, she’s confronted by the master of the house and the man behind the invitation, Rudolf Steiner. Steiner is a scientist and a mystic who nearly a hundred years ago, in his previous life, tried to lead mankind to a new epoch of social harmony and has now discovered and gathered the reincarnations of these great thinkers to finally realized his dream for a unique utopia. The young woman, he claims, is the late poet Emily Dickinson, the final piece to his intricate plan. After a dinner of spirited conversation—with arguments over religion, philosophy, and politics—one of the illustrious intellectuals is murdered. Then another, and another. Soon Steiner’s dream of a modern utopia turns into a Gothic nightmare, and a battle of ideologies becomes a battle for survival.


EDGAR ALLAN POE – legendary poet and author of macabre tales.

GRIGORI RASPUTIN – lascivious, charismatic, inebriate prophet from the last days of Tsarist Russia.

RUDOLF STEINER – forgotten visionary who developed anthroposophy, applying scientific methods to the study of the spiritual realm.

JAMES CASHILL – skeptical journalist who is told (though doesn’t believe) he’s the reincarnation of Harry Houdini, the groundbreaking magician and escape artist.

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE – pioneer of modern nursing and an icon of compassion.

ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE – creator of Sherlock Holmes, master of deductive reasoning, and crusader for the Spiritualist movement.

MARY BAKER EDDY – formidable founder of Christian Science.

ANNIE OAKLEY – unparalleled sharpshooter, a charming country girl with a flair for show business.

H. G. WELLS – science fiction author and social critic, proponent of socialism, free love, and eugenics.

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE – German philosopher and ardent critic of religion and conventional morality.

EMILY – the late arrival who’s told she is the reincarnation of the reclusive poet Emily Dickinson.

SARAH – a sensitive young woman who believes herself to be the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper.

MARK TWAIN – classic curmudgeon and American author.



Edgar Allen Poe – Brent Davis
Rasputin – Kinon Keplinger
Rudolph Steiner – Rob Hanford
James Cashill/Harry Houdini – Stuart Turner
Florence Nightingale – Emily Burnett
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Greg Krosnes
Mary Baker Eddy – James Dale Green
Annie Oakley – Angela Fredrikkson
HG Wells – Brian Everson
Friedrich Nietzsche – John McFerrin
Emily Vale – Emily Chateau
Sara/Jack the Ripper – Annie Petzinger
Mark Twain – Jerry Wakefield

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