HAINT a New Play by Justin Asher (LIVE Public Reading)

HAINT, a New Play

by Justin Asher

(Live Public Reading)

Show Dates: Friday, August 9, at 8 pm, and Saturday, August 10, at 8 pm
Ticket Prices: ALL Tickets $10 (General Admission Seating)

Come be a part of a test audience of a NEW play by local playwright, Justin Asher and listen to the full script being read by some of the most talented thespians in the Memphis area.  The majority of proceeds from this staged reading serve as a fundraiser in support of publication of the script.

About the Play

Mercy loved her son Charlie with all her heart, no matter how many secrets he kept from her. Together they lived a reclusive life on White Horse Mountain, tucked away in the shadows and hidden from the prying eyes of the town below. Charlie was his mother’s whole world.  A world that came crashing down in 1953 when his body was discovered less than a mile from their home on Gull’s Wing Road.  Mercy, now alone and scared, is not sure if she has the strength to hold on to the dilapidated family home or the rural, folk traditions that were handed down in her family for generations.   Local sheriff John Thomas tries to persuade Mercy to sell her home and start again someplace new. But, how can Mercy let go of the ghosts of her past when they refuse to let go of her?  Charlie narrates his mother’s struggle for solitude and slowly reveals to her the hidden life that was supposed to have died along with him. Every little town has its secrets.  Some just refuse to stay buried.

Reading Cast

Cecelia Wingate – MERCY SEER
Randi Sluder – MIRIAM JESSUP
Jacob Vincent – YOUNG CHARLIE
Greg Alexander Szatkowski – JOHN THOMAS DOURGHTY
Stuart Turner – CHARLIE DORSEY

Jaclyn Suffel will be reading stage directions on August 10, 2013

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